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Queen of Cups is generous and even when she likes the concept of turning into a mom, she may not feel ready for that job. Regardless of the bad rep of the Swords, the Queen is a powerful ally during a pregnancy and for someone wishing to have kids. Pages consult with youngsters. While The Moon together with The Empress, a number of Pages and Ace of Pentacles could counsel that issues will occur while giving delivery to the youngster. In reality, all the Pages have a strong connection to the baby and conception concepts. Also if you want to know what number of youngsters you should have or you should have any twins or not, you can ask our psychic readers. What will be the outcome if… Tarot is a picture of a possible outcome primarily based on the vitality surrounding the querent as properly as the vitality the tarot reader is creating with his/her ideas and actions. Your angels can hear your thoughts so that you don’t want to speak your question out loud, though you’ll be able to if you want to. Don’t cling to the old, Scorpio. As a Gypsy myself, I can categorically say that no, we didn’t start the rumor that you just can’t purchase your own deck, as a result of we merely don’t believe in these kinds of superstitious. ’m “addicted” to telling myself i can’t do things and that i’m not ok, and i’m “addicted” to not taking nearly as good of care of myself as i should. It’s essential have more data to read as an expert, and that’s why taking what serves you and leaving the remaining behind would possibly sound like one of the best choice. If you’re one of the blessed ones to meet your other half as soon as once more, you may need numerous questions on your twin flame relationship. Effectively, these are excellent questions. That’s why it’s best to prepare the question record earlier than purchasing for a reading – an excellent preparation will save both your and your advisor’s time. Due to that, it’s best to revel in the great times and use that as a reminder that things will get better finally. So it is best to ask the psychic for future predictions quite than being in dilemmas. Our psychic reader will get you thru. We will clearly charge for some of our administrations, however we are targeted on regularly providing totally free tarot readings. Some cost a flat price, whereas others cost by the minute. Oftentimes, the only thing you already know concerning the tarot readers is how a lot they cost. What is the best thing I can do proper now to… This is my most essential tip of all for doing love Tarot readings, and I have left it until final because I would like to construct up to this, to emphasize its significance: if you’re reading your Tarot playing cards on love, it’s essential to additionally ensure you learn on the proper areas.

If you actually need to kick it old fashioned, you may want to construct your individual astrolabe from scratch. Everybody, wealthy, poor young or old can benefit from a session which explores what their private guides wish to communicate to them relating to challenges, individuals of their life and urgent questions. I have been this manner the entirety of my life; recalling again to the age early as three years old. As an example, pulling The Idiot upright and having it being crossed by the Seven of Swords may suggest that there’s someone being dishonest around you that could be holding you back and preventing you from taking a leap of faith. Many parents are worried about whether or not their youngster will be suffering from any disease in any age, you then may know that additionally and you may stop it by taking severe precautions. Due to this fact, in a context of a reading for pregnancy, as soon as this card exhibits up, it means the client will discover out a couple of pregnancy in a brief period. It tells of happiness after a protracted period of sadness. The Star shining brightly via The Clouds tells me I don’t have anything to worry about but that does little to comfort me and still, I worry. If you can draw these emotions to the surface and tackle them, you can rid yourself of worry. As well as how to incorporate and take care of your associate, or how to handle any points with your accomplice or the baby’s father that is likely to be current in your life. ” I usually receive requests from folks who’ve finished readings for themselves to deal with a query they have requested about pregnancy or motherhood and need assistance deciphering the playing cards. ” or “When will I’ve a baby? It should both be serving to or hindering the querent with their issue. Our website has many renowned psychic readers from all over the world and they’re serving to dad and mom to change into higher dad and mom by knowing your child’s issues in advance and then taking great precautions to keep them safe from troubles. Helping your colleagues will establish cordial relationships at the office. So, that will help you achieve the most from the session, your reader will create a tarot unfold based in your questions in addition to your own circumstance.

The love tarot is a selected tarot that is based on the tarot, which intends to look at every kind of love questions. “My week has improved a lot since I discovered this free love tarot. Purchasers are also suggested not to feed the psychic reader with so much of knowledge as they may take it and give it back and lie it was from the spiritual world. And, for more details about this topic, please send back your feedback to us. For instance, I may pay for my reading now and are available back a month later for it and she would provide me the reading that I had scheduled a month in the past just because I paid in advance for it. Her custom-made spread will cowl your pregnancy from completely different elements; for instance, blessings when getting pregnant and issues to prepare for the start, without going into the medical arena. As you dig in your scenario in a bit more depth, your custom-made tarot unfold will turn into more obvious. The pandemic was slowly consuming every bit of our public and personal lives, and eradicating many job prospects for the unemployed. This is a bit of a controversial space as some readers will not answer some questions relating to pregnancy as they arrive under the health and medical recommendation banner. As an alternative of utilizing ten-day segments of time, we wish one thing scalable to indicate how quickly it is going to be. Whether or not you might have had a lot experience with psychic readings or you’ve gotten just tried for the first time, do not forget that the session always starts with questions. To take advantage of your reading, do not ask a question that may be answered with a Yes or No. I strongly advise against questions equivalent to “Will I be a mum quickly? If you’re searching for answers to this query and want to know what you can be dealing with throughout pregnancy or what essential particulars it is advisable know, then contact our tarot card readers and unravel the future.

Fairly than receive details about your life from you, good tarot card readers will get that stuff from the playing cards. Furthermore, the interpretation for each card will information you to the perfect choices for your self. Interpret every card so as and you’re going to get the answer of how an precise pregnancy tarot reading seems. A tarot card reading helps enhance your detrimental feelings and ideas. What are my limiting thoughts? Software piracy reinforces the mistaken perception that the whole lot ought to be free, limiting the alternatives of creators to become profitable. First of all, money from an angel investor just isn’t a loan. Within the Work and Cash section of the horoscopes, you will see out what this interval will likely be at work, what to keep away from or what to look for. Whether or not asking about love, profession, work, family or what to do the cards may give startling insights to assist information you ahead. No pregnancy occurs in a vacuum, there will probably be different elements that can affect it and be affected by it, similar to other relationships, work, emotional well-being and these areas may also be seen more clearly with the assistance of a studying. To proceed will solely create stress and dissatisfaction. In case you wish to get Yes/No solutions for your questions, don’t use Court docket cards since extra info will confuse you. There’s a particular sort of consumer who’s by no means pleased with their readings, no matter how much data you provide. By means of the playing cards-interpreting session, the reader enables to assist her client create a connection to her child and her partner. 1. Determine what exactly your shopper desires to search out out a.ok.a. You may even find out what your baby enjoys, and how you can consolation him or her while it’s in the womb – which is able to undoubtedly improve the bond you have together with your baby when it’s born. If we’re talking about predictive readings, and we consider that free will exists, then we must additionally conclude that trajectory can change.

Evidently many venues of the “mainstream liberal media”, like Nationwide Public Radio (NPR) and the new York Instances, are devoting more space to woo: dowsing, tarot, speaking to the useless, astrology, and so forth. Although the homepage’s tiled format can be reconfigured, the many submenus are robust to navigate, making even everyday features (comparable to changing radio presets) more of a chore than in rival luxury methods. Whenever we’re in a tough state of affairs, this technique will grant us an intention for a proper success. You’ll be able to know how many women or boys you are going to have in future and which child can be the luckiest for the mother and father, for your online business or which youngster will get you famous. After all, brilliant and competent psychics may not have as a lot experience, and their insights could also be simply as important as those who’ve been practicing as mediums for a decent amount of time. Of course, you still should go out on the city at times. It’s a question that lots of my female sitters have. Depending on your deck and chosen tradition, you may or may not see her as pregnant, however she always brings strength and determination to a female sitter. It’s the final word “female energy” card related to the cycles of the Moon (and our feminine cycles too), the Water, the evening and the facility of emotions. At any time when someone has questions regarding pregnancy playing cards, the Empress is the final word reply. Once you have shuffled the playing cards, place the deck on the table in entrance of you. 6. How a lot worth do I place on construction? Any of 4 Queens in combinations talked about above could add value. Together with this, you may also when you’ll get pregnant or if you’re getting troubles in conceiving the little one then when can be the proper time to try it. The deck of tarot cards consists of playing cards that describe your situation in one of the best ways that will launch all troubles from your mind. The spread usually consists of less than 10 cards, and the 3-card spreads are most likely most typical amongst. They don’t seem to be fairly tarot playing cards, but they’re similar.

What To Anticipate: Anisha reads the traditional tarot cards other than working with healing readings as effectively. Monks have a special fashion of healing. Bring a healing affect to the current scenario. If the Card is a significant (one of the 22 Playing cards of The main Arcana), then the state of affairs will likely be fairly troublesome to change as these Cards indicate a extra fastened state. The more specific your query is, the extra particulars you will acquire out of your tarot reading. Use meditation to attach with this a part of your self, your soul, to achieve data and develop a deeper intuitive connection to the upper realms. Right here I offer you my advice on a tarot reading about pregnancy from what to ask, what to count on and which spreads to use. This free tarot reading is here to help you find success. If you wish to know whether or not you might be pregnant or not, you’ll be able to all the time consult a psychic to answer this and in addition, our psychic readers will provide help to to know all the main points and essential points so that you simply don’t miss out on any. Your reader will search for other symbols of abundance, creativity, happiness or celebration in the 4 of Wands, Nine of Cups or Ten of Cups if not one of the playing cards above involves gentle. My ultimate alternative when it comes to pregnancy tarot spreads is both Lisa Boswell or Brigit from Biddy Tarot. She’s a lady who’s extra than just that: she understands final life experiences. Most decks and books will place the king at the pinnacle of every go well with, suggesting that every king represents the ultimate degree of maturity within that sphere. Will I be a mother soon? A tarot reading will help an expectant mom to connect to her child and her accomplice. To call them that will help you with a sure state of affairs.

Pregnancy readings to one particular person may mean one thing else to another particular person, so to make it simpler to grasp listed here are the different types of pregnancy-related readings you possibly can enjoy so that you understand what to ask for while you call a psychic. The psychic will call you for the studying! To know if you’ll have another child or when could be the perfect time to plan for another child, contact our psychics to get the precise information. For all sections you may be asked to fill out a summary, fill in a table, reply multiple-choice questions, label a diagram or picture, or classify information into completely different classes. Your intuition could lead you to the perfect solutions if you believe. Following my expertise, it’s higher to ask open-ended questions giving easy yes or no answers. It could possibly enable you to hook up with your baby in a spiritual and emotional manner and to raised improve your connection with your accomplice during this glorious time. There are plenty of fertility Tarot spreads obtainable online that allow you to deal with many alternative matters. The moon, heart, star and lady are all concerning issues of love. Earlier than starting with the layout, you could assume about what issues you might be longing for the reply and then break down all of them into small different areas. Think about what goes well in your life, then draw the primary and second cards. That is the second card of the deck but the no 1 on this card is numbered. Second Card: The Past. The fourth card represents the past occasions. With the interpretation of a fortune teller, the which means of Tarot playing cards can embrace us behalf of occasions and destiny. The extra of them are there the more materials you’ve got for clear interpretation. They will show you how to see what challenges you might face and how one can handle them and what options you may need to make your pregnancy good. “It’s okay to have a game face but it’s about feeling safe to open up and be just a little extra sincere if you’re feeling called to somebody and see what occurs,” Fowlie mentioned, her eyes closed, as if she was tapping into my vibes. Fertility readings cowl all issues referring to conceiving or the lack to conceive it’s an unlimited and challenging subject, especially if you are somebody who is dealing with the real concern that they could not have children. By no means give a pregnant lady dangerous news or tell somebody that they’re unable to have youngsters. In the case of a pregnancy reading with Tarot, the Three of Cups typically give you child-associated information corresponding to conception, start or any matter of pregnancy. We will proceed delving into the matter and we’ll find evidence that Tarot also comes from the Hindus, Jews, and the Greeks.

Sweating out the additional calories in the gym will get you the specified results. Discover out the best way to settle your new child into its new home and the way that can assist you and your loved ones, alongside together with your companion modify to your new life with one further child. The longer the placement has been spherical, the additional secured and reliable it’s. In case you are pregnant, it’s effectively value considering having fun with a pregnancy psychic studying! Whereas the above gave you an indication of the forms of matters that most individuals focus on after they ask for a tarot reading, it is nicely value studying how one can distill these matters down to something that works nicely with a tarot unfold. To begin psychic studying, you need to get acceptance of what you’ll be going to know now. In such situations, most probably you’ll rely on patterns of serious cards and mixture. My reason for creating this listing of tarot card mixture interpretations is that can assist you get to know the cards higher. You might want to have a look at what gifts the mother and father-to-be provide the little one, doable challenges, how one can put together for the journey forward, how to connect better together with your partner. They offer Psychic readings on-line and by telephone. Psychic readings are vital when you’re fully unaware of what can occur in future. Cost-efficient option for psychic readings. 6 Why Are Child Psychic Readings Different? One which I usually advocate was created by Brigit from Biddy Tarot whereas she was anticipating a baby herself. Queen of Swords may indicate a single mom but also that the woman is in her mid-thirties and even older whereas anticipating a child. Don’t go into your studying anticipating a particular message on a selected matter. Don’t get disheartened should you don’t like what you hear.

Did your studying get the thumbs up? Questions on pregnancy are quite common even though many tarot readers keep away from giving a reading for such questions. It closes the circle of giving and receiving and is respectful. The key to receiving the most effective and getting the most out of your live tarot readings relies on you and your angle. The perspective toward motherhood is commonly seen by way of the Queens. In keeping with most Tarot readers, they’ve often requested about pregnancy and motherhood. Motherhood might come as a lot duty for her in that moment. Might I expect a pregnancy in this year? Apple refreshed the iPad Mini this yr with an A15 processor, which is faster than the iPad Air’s A14. Features: When you’re looking for an Apple CarPlay stereo head unit, Apple iPhone integration isn’t all you will get for your dollar. The Biddy Tarot Pregnancy Tarot Unfold is lovely as a result of it is very positive, but also covers completely different facets of a pregnancy like looking at blessings and preparing for the start, with out going into the medical arena. You may keep you and your loved ones secure from all upcoming issues and prepare them to handle conditions prematurely to be ahead of all those who usually are not getting ready something. If you retain trying into the playing cards or every other medium whereas things are going down, you might even disturb or disrupt the way in which things form up. However, by being open to listening, deciphering, and taking what resonates with you, you may acquire some very worthwhile insights. Once you have received your yes or no answer, taking a better look at the card can provide more insight into the question at hand. The World is the card of achievement and fulfilment. But initially, this connection was principally because of her pragmatism and understanding of the fabric world. Don’t feel constrained by guidelines that will get in the way of your deeper understanding. This reading is excellent for understanding how you feel in your present relationship and what you can do to enhance it! As I have stated many times before, the studying begins with the query. Almost certainly, important decisions are coming, and the answer to your question is sure. If we employ the simple system above, the yes no solutions to the unfavorable questions are nonetheless a resounding sure. At Psychic Guild, we’ve selected the top pregnancy tarot readers that we advocate for 2021. The following readers have been rigorously scrutinized and tested, and we can verify that they’re Real readers who will supply correct predictions and detailed answers about your future. Due to this, in Tarot, a serpent or snake will usually symbolize information when depicted on a card.

If you’re dealing with any problem and you probably have any doubt in your thoughts then let our tarot card readers aid you to unravel it as this is the most crucial time for a person, your associate and family as nicely. In case your dream is to have kids and the Ace of Cups (also recognized as the Grail) pops up, there may be little doubt that you’ll be granted your want. If there is doubt it is your intuition saying not this time. 3. No one enjoys a tarot reading saying nothing however their issues solely. In the uncommon circumstance where people need to look on, I clarify my rule by saying that an audience will create interference throughout a reading because I would pick up on the opposite individual within the area. Once you do these items, you will not only considerably lower the period of time that it takes to finish a session, but additionally, you will get probably the most out of the expertise. The Bible says that occultism, esotericism, spiritism, divination, cartomancy, palmistry, astrology, witchcraft, satanism and similar different issues, are practices that turn away from the sunshine of God and will slide the particular person into a world of darkness. In the beginning, it may be frustrating however after some time and as you collect extra experience you will begin to love them. The spark wanted to start out a young/new family. Within the spiritual world, ‘childbirth’ is the invisible bond that holds your complete family mutually. For women who are already pregnant, a particular Tarot unfold can enable you to to connect with your youngster and strengthen the bond of you two spiritually and emotionally; in addition, it could inform you the way to improve the connection of you with your associate throughout the most great time. You may take the help of tarot playing cards to know whether you might be pregnant or not, in addition to it, you might search the knowledge concerning future occasions during pregnancy period. Together with playing cards from above resembling two or extra Aces, The Moon could seek advice from conception and interval of conception. As always The Moon is the tricky one to deal with.

Depending in your situation or situation, there will likely be a corresponding spread that can enable you deal with it. You’ll soon hear good news related to fertility and pregnancy. Common information then maybe you attempt Twitter. I use lotus tarot regular. Whereas some people choose to have common readings carried out, particularly during occasions of tumult, others only require guidance infrequently. This reading gives you the steering which you can comply with a long time or a short time, and could be repeatedly taken benefit of every time wanted, especially if there are issues that should be developed or modified. I do not know the way good I am but there have been times when I’ve learn my own tarot & stupidly learn into it what I needed to read (ie. Staying with the theme of staying open always throughout your studying, it is the most effective in case your question is as impartial as possible. To reply this question you’ll need to look out for specific tarot cards saying pregnancy. Due to this fact, it doesn’t make any sense to keep looking into the cards for a blow-by-blow look at the longer term. 3 In search of Pregnancy Answers? If you’re discovering answers to this question then you are at the precise place to get it. Even points reminiscent of discovering out what you need to do (if something) to incorporate an ex-partner who’s the father of your youngster in the birthing course of. It left the affected person horribly depleted throughout the process and during restoration, which took at the least two weeks. Like Conception (for a number of weeks at the very least). Also, needless to say the Does My Ex Miss Me tarot reading is meant for these whose prior relationship is over or at the least “on pause”. And many decks depict her as both pregnant or at the very least maternal. The decks got here either in a velvet bag or furoshiki wrapping cloths, produced by a neighborhood San Jose enterprise, Nichi Bei Bussan. Then again, mini tarot playing cards are great to hold round in your pocket or your bag for readings on the go. Allswell, then again, is cheaper than most foam beds, and it suits the invoice for worth-acutely aware customers who need a simple foam mattress at a low price.

Alternatively, there may very well be indications that conception has happened while actually, it hasn’t. Truly, that’s not true. An in depth interpretation can only be given by a real psychic reader. An excellent, detailed tarot unfold can actually assist within the interpretation of the messages. Starting you day with two-card Yes or No reading will be an enormous assist. This course about reading tarot cards offers all the knowledge you’ll want to develop into a skilled tarot card reader. This card represents me. In case you want to know whether you will turn out to be pregnant or not, this tarot is a good candidate as it additionally represents fertility and little one beginning. So, if you happen to just merely ask tarot reader whether or not you might be pregnant or not chances are high that you won’t get the reading. Looking for tarot card reading free apps? The Temperance card can point out Divine providence and assistance and guidance from the angelic and spiritual realms. Can provide guidance in the suitable course. But since so many decks have pushed the Empress within the course of motherhood, it is now largely accepted to see her as the announcement of childbirth, particularly when drawn in that particular context. For the newcomers, I counsel you to go together with the Rider Waite of all tarot decks available on the market in case you have no idea in choosing one for the follow. After a number of experimentation, I’ve found my favourite decks for newcomers. But this was additionally the purpose where quite a lot of doubts started creeping in. I used to be advised the identical thing when first started studying about this matter. The thing is: since it’s quite controversial in the case of fertility/pregnancy, not many readers are willing to answer questions relating to this area. The most obvious drawback here is: most expectant mothers have an enormous expectation that Tarot might help them predict or management the longer term; this results in the existence of huge anxiety throughout the session. If you’re a tarot reader practitioner and have been planning to start your business, listed below are the stuff you want to think about first before constructing up your profession in this subject. Right here you possibly can entry any of our psychic readers and start chatting.

If we imagine we are spiritual beings which can be here to improve the condition of the planet, we are going to find satisfaction in jobs that present a service to the higher good. Listed below are some playing cards which are straight up “yes” for such questions as well as encouraging figures for women usually. After you have clarity of what your mind desires to ask, let’s move to frequent questions which may aid you form the custom tarot spread. Let’s say that you want to know the doable success of a relationship between you and a possible candidate. Let’s see if any of Tarot cards representing fertility shows up in your studying. The studying will come with the recommendation for the advance with your partner during this incredible period. Tarot card predictions are accurate for prenatal period in addition to postnatal period. Card Three- May it go the gap? Many who do not dwell within a reasonable distance of a tarot reading service typically haven’t any selection but to show to cellphone consultations, which might provide great results and even end in long standing buyer loyalty. And so there it was – I had a 5-card unfold that had developed on account of a blank canvas. Thus, be sure to additionally concentrate on creating positive experience when designing a unfold based mostly on your own issues. If creating your personal unfold sounds a bit of daunting, then there are spreads that other readers have created. However, if making a really personal unfold sounds not reliable, then it’s better to think about spreads created by different professional tarot readers. Nonetheless, finally I deleted my page lately and i now have a brand new Facebook page which is much much less traumatic. As a result of at this stage, ladies have different energies related to them which a psychic reader can simply interpret. You can also get your psychic readings from our greatest psychic readers on the planet. From the 73 cards that composed this deck, four are related with the seasons; four extra are associated with the weather; 4 extra discuss with the different spiritual worlds like the plant world, the animal world, the mineral world, and the decaying world (this final one is consider like a foul omen). The death card is one of the most frequently misinterpreted and feared playing cards in a Tarot deck, however this doesn’t have good reasoning behind it. As everyone knows that not all people believe in tarot card reading. Keen Psychics is the best online tarot reading platform when it comes to cost.

How your question is asked is very important on the subject of query reading. If your question is “will I’ve a toddler? From what you’re bringing to the desk to the key strength you do not understand you have got, you’ve the power to influence your outcome indirectly. There may be all the time a possible to increase ones capability in each measure of life. I like to start a self-love studying by deciding on an object in my life to characterize who I am and what I want to manifest in the intervening time. Many individuals take tarot playing cards literally, and that’s the place the rains start consuming them. Tarot playing cards have earned a fame as being instruments of mysticism, used to divine the longer term. We have to be assuaged and appeased that our lives are purposeful, and have which means. In case you are in need of looking authentic Tarot card meanings and reversals, I extremely advocate you to entry prime psychic networks worldwide. This is the card that represents endings. Represents journey and/or a sudden flurry of activity after a period of stagnation. Females are at all times curious regarding when they are going to be blessed with a child or how their pregnancy period is going to be. When doing tarot reading, the tarot cards will then act because the oracle. Doing a pregnancy evaluation for yourself can be pretty challenging. In the context of a studying on pregnancy and little one wishes, she is definitely a positive card that stands for fertility. For folks who’re searching for the arrival of a baby, possibly Free Tarot Card Reading for Pregnancy will give you instructions and delight your internal emotion. 13 Death – thank goodness this card doesn’t signify your bodily dying, but slightly of cycles: endings and beginnings of relationships, fears or circumstances that can lead to higher issues. She’s going to change the way in which of your life for better.

Also, it will provide you with a quick rationalization of what the cards mean compared to what you’re coping with. Also, over the subsequent few weeks, watch your private possessions–when this card shows up generally it means there’s a thief around. 1. The first card talks about your fast past as it relates to your question or concern. They believe it relates extra to the health and medical points. The mom herself, the Empress signifies motherhood, fertility, abundance, development and nurturing – no surprising in any respect, she represents all the facets of an precise pregnancy. Conceiving a baby can be as difficult as nurturing a baby, so to hunt the perfect consultation turns into obligatory. If you are tarot reader or sometimes do tarot readings for yourself and buddies, you in all probability search for some patterns which may give you accuracy. Nonetheless, ought to the content of the reading not meet your expectations – NO refunds will be given as I supply no assure as to the accuracy or relevance of the fabric. A Be aware to you- My accuracy is normally in the 90th percentile. Please observe that this kind of studying doesn’t overlap into the medical or health area. It is crucial to notice that such versatile services are fairly useful for individuals. Good people have begun providing free tarot readings online. However guantee that you continue to have some level of privacy. This supply has unlimited creative power and stage of revelation. The extent of spirituality manifestation directly associated to how conscious you might be, how brilliant your light is! Such questions are, as an illustration, one thing like this “Essential ongoings in next three months” or “What is going to happen during that period?”. Is this interval promising for me to get pregnant? The first thing is that pregnancy belongs to the medical class; ironically, having a pregnancy test or a checkup with the doctor will assist you to get the answer straight away. You will want to see three or extra cards from the above. Below are two attainable three card spreads. Put it simply, the Queen of Pentacles is surely a optimistic card in terms of a studying of pregnancy or child needs. Simply just like the Queen of Pentacles, she acts as a protector of the home and in your well being. Each mom needs to know about their baby and its health. Harvey needs to know if he should go to an art program in Rhode Island. If you are planning for a baby, then it is best to know early about all the complications and difficulties that you face during pregnancy. What may be higher than connecting to your unborn child in an emotional and a spiritual method! These readings can use any number of cards however the 5-card dream tarot reading and the 7-card reading are notably widespread for locating the messages in your dreams and how they connect with your waking life.